The Wonder of Making Your Own Cleaning Spray

We have moved house, a stressful move through the holiday time. But what I find hardest is leaving a clean house behind. But this time I have had an amazing cleaner to help. A simple made it myself one.

You can find the recipe easy just search “Citrus Vinegar cleaner”

and many more. It’s been an amazing cleaner for our old home. Been able to clean shelves, walls, countertops, and floors. With one cleaner that was super cheap to. I can’t wait to make up some more for cleaning our new home too.


Welcome to my blog

I’m a simple person. I’m a daughter, a wife, a sister, friend and mum. I have 4 children DS16, DS15, DD13 and DS9. I homeschool my youngest, as he has special needs and the one on one has helped him. It also means I’m a stay at home mum. One income can be tough, and that’s where money saving ideas can be very helpful. I hope to share the ones that have helped us on this blog. As well as share new ones, and review how they help us. Maybe even have others share their ideas/tips?